Kocioł na pellety PEREKO KSP Pelet
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Pellet boiler PEREKO...
Kocioł na ekogroszek OGNIWO EKO PLUS M 26 kW z podajnikiem
9 149,00 zł 10 455,00 zł
Automatic eco pea coal...
Moderator Unica handfired boiler for wood, wood chips, coal and coal dust
2 659,00 zł 3 144,00 zł
Moderator Unica...
Cast iron boiler Viadrus U26 Hercules
3 349,00 zł 4 448,00 zł
Cast iron boiler...
Wood gasification boiler ATMOS DC S with blower fan
4 999,00 zł 6 273,00 zł
Wood gasification...
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    Heating and ventilation Reventon units are used to heat large-size spaces. power range 8-70 kW. Can be assembled on the wall or ceiling via rotating mounting bracket.Power supply 230V

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    Automatic expansion set for a cast iron hand fired boiler (eg. Viadrus U22, U26 or Dakon FB) for fully automatic boiler experience. With a set of automatic burner with feeder in a very simple way the strength of a cast-iron boiler gets the convenience of an automatic feeder boiler.

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    Central heating boiler for eco pea coal, culm and pellet with an automatic feeder, blower and digital controller with internet connection module and web-based management. Ecological and high efficient boiler with class 5 PN-EN 303-5:2012. Possible management of boiler via an android application. Cast iron retort burner and screw feeder.

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